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Best man Speech with AI Best man speech
Craft a personalized Best Man speech easily using our AI. In just a minute, capture the essence of your friendship and share heartfelt moments that make this day truly special and memorable.
Maid of honor Speech with AI Maid of honor speech
Create a Maid of Honor speech that effortlessly resonates with authenticity using our AI. In a matter of minutes, express the deep bond you share and celebrate the uniqueness of this moment.
Groom Speech with AI Groom speech
Fashion a Groom speech that reflects your emotions and thoughts with the help of our AI. In just a minute, make this moment unforgettable by sharing your love story and expressing your feelings.
Father of bride Speech with AI Father of bride Speech
With our AI, effortlessly craft a Father of the Bride speech in a minute. Share your heartfelt wishes and create a speech that beautifully encapsulates the significance of this special day.
Bride Speech with AI Bride speech
Use our AI to effortlessly compose a Bride speech in just a minute. Express your emotions, share your journey, and make this moment uniquely yours with a speech that resonates.
Wedding vows with AI Wedding vows
Craft your wedding vows effortlessly with our AI in just a minute. Express your love, commitment, and promises in a way that makes this moment truly special and memorable.

Frequently asked questions

You can ask all your questions, from our Chatbot in the right conrner of website 😊

Q: How do I get a speech?
Ai Wedding Toast short form guides you to put your stories and feelings into words. Once you complete the form, you will receive a wedding speech draft within minutes for $29.99 $14.99.
Q: Who writes the speech?
Ai Wedding Toast sends your completed form to an artificial intelligence (AI) model. The AI model compiles your inputs to create three wedding speech drafts. The AI model uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to generate the wedding speeches.
Q: Are the speeches good?
Your speeches are created with the help of artificial intelligence using your inputs. They are clear, engaging, and personalized based on your stories. The AI doesn't change your stories significantly or add made-up elements.
Many of our users prefer to use Ai Wedding Toast for an initial draft and then make edits.
Q: How long are the speeches?
Each Wedding speech ranges from 350 to 600 words, equates to approximately 3 to 5 minutes (depending on how fast you speak).
The length of your speech increases with the number of stories you provide to Ai Wedding Speech.
Q: What is Al-powered re-write?
When you make a purchase, we create a draft speech based on your inputs. The AI-powered rewrite tool listens to your preferences and makes changes to the speech. Whether you want to rewrite the whole speech, adjust a section's tone, or completely change the overall tone.
it acts as your assistant, following your instructions to provide the desired outcome.
Q: Are there returns or refunds?
If you're not happy, we're not happy. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
For more info, please see our refund policy.
Q: What types of speeches does your AI help write?
Ai Wedding Toast assists in creating sincere wedding speeches for various roles, including best men, maids of honor, groomsmen, bridesmaids, cherished friends, parents, and siblings of the bride and groom. Our speeches add eloquence and warmth to celebrate every special moment.
Ideal for rehearsal dinners and receptions, We help to enhace the atmosphere of your wedding events.
Q: What is the turnaround time?
A draft of the wedding speech will be emailed to you within minutes after you checkout.
You will then also redirect to our AI speechwriting assistance page, where you can edit, or regenrate more speeches.
Q: Is my speech original?
It's 100% original. We don't rely on templates. Your speech is uniquely crafted based on the information you provide and will be a one-of-a-kind.
Q: Will I be able to give the speech right away?
We suggest reviewing and editing the speech before delivery. Although the speeches have correct grammar and a well-organized structure, most users prefer to make edits before presenting them.